Feel the Difference with DataSAM

DataSAM adapts to your needs with its diverse range of services and capabilities. From cutting edge research and development to healthcare technologies and database administration, we've got you covered.

At DataSAM, we understand that not every organisation has the same challenges or aspirations.

That's why, we aim to support you however we can.

Our in-house biomedical R&D is constantly striving to develop innovative methods and solutions to make everyone's lives a little easier.

As an independent Oracle Gold Partner, we specialise in delivering tailored Oracle support and management services to Healthcare and other industries. It's so important to recognise that not every organisation starts from the same place when it comes to their IT infrastructure. Our experience demonstrates that no program, project or intervention is the same.

Our Research

We create innovative healthcare solutions to assist organisations and individuals.

Our biomedical R&D scope knows no limits. If we identify a healthcare problem, we'll aim to find a solution. As a result, our products in development cover everything from health monitoring to special needs education.

If you want to know more about the exciting things that we're working on at DataSAM, feel free to contact us.

Our Services

We are committed to providing the highest quality solutions utilising the latest technology.

Our resourceful team of professionals are focused on reducing costs and improving our customer's capability.


  • Oracle, Microsoft and mySQL database design, implementation, management and tuning
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Oracle eBusiness Suite implementation, development and administration

Managed Services

Backup, storage, security, 24/7/365 monitoring, network management, user management, systems management, software support and maintenance.

Database and System Administration

Comprehensive solutions and application management delivered by dedicated database and system administration specialists.

License Management

Too many software licenses to track? We provide comprehensive advice on your organisation's compliance position.

System Health Checks

Ensuring your mission critical Oracle database and operating systems are performing at optimum levels.

Our Values

At DataSAM, our values are vital to ensuring that the best solution for you is successfully delivered.


Commitment to providing superior products and services to all our customers.


Collective determination to deliver services recognised for their ability to provide excellent results and continued growth.


Contribution to an exceptionally positive work environment and promote those personal values required for a successful professional career.


Creation of ongoing value and growth for our customers and shareholders by maintaining a corporate culture that delivers a positive financial result.


Dedication to the communities and charities which we share with all our associates and clients.


We're a team of dedicated biomedical engineers and database solutions experts.

Have a problem? We'll back you up.

Warrick Jackson

CEO & Founder

Chris Chong

Senior Biomedical Engineer

Sugan Shrestha

Senior Electronics Engineer

Kellen Huang

Senior Product Designer

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128 Canterbury Road

Kilsyth South, VIC 3137



If you think you care as much about healthcare as we do, contact us!

We offer internships and are always on the lookout to nurture new talent.